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воскресенье, 15 сентября 2013 г.

missing Toronto

It has been year since I left Canada with a big hope to come back. Even though my plans have changed  I never stop thinking of  amazing semester spent in Toronto, Ontario.  

taking a ferry to get to Toronto Island

View at CN tower and Rogers centre

We took a ferry to Toronto Island and watch this unbelievable view on a Ontario Lake's shore.

So huge and powerful Niagara Falls! I spent the whole day admiring this nature-wonder, by the way conquered by Nik Wallenda less than a day before my arrival at Niagara.

i was so lucky to get his autograph!

I remember nights out, remember us walking down Dundas square having fun. Remember Pride Parade and Canada's day and everyone I've met.
Even now I stuck in central Europe, I keep dreaming that one day I will be walking down the Younge street again.